Dejvická 34 by Tomáš Černý

Dejvicka 34 - restaurant and the Aperitivo!, which is located next door, have a lot in common: the address, the chef, the staff, Mediterranean style. You can dine in our restaurant and mainly find products to take away in Aperitivo!

The name Dejvicka 34 is associated with Tomaš Černy, the chef and co-owner, who has the ability to attract people who work in gastronomy thanks to his temperament, passion for cooking and respect, because of the many years of experience. That's why you will find a great team of professionals in our restaurant while not so many are around nowadays.

And thanks to them we can offer proper gastronomy with a clear conscience – from the cuisine to the service.

We know how to cook and why not offer you meals the way they are meant to be enjoyed: simple, of high quality and always delicious. We'd like to bear full responsibility for that!

Tomaš has been working with well-known Italian chefs for more than twenty years so his specialization in his favorite Italian cuisine is absolutely understandable. Lately he has been traveling and learning a lot which will certainly have an impact on our menu.

But without too many words – the best is yet to come, give it a try and enjoy the taste, because there is no better reward for us than to see you at Dejvicka 34 again and again.

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